Monday, May 12, 2014


I've always wanted a blog, but I'm not particularly tech-savvy. After a little prodding, I have decided now is the perfect time to do it. I've undoubtedly fucked settings up, but what can you do? Like, what do you mean background color? I have a background image, why do I need a background color? Ugh!

This will be a new platform for me to post stories. Lit. has done wonderful things for me. It's introduced me to some really cool people and it's enabled me to obtain the feedback needed to become a better writer. I'll keep posting on there, and I'm hoping to meet some other people on here and bridge the two worlds. Let's make a cool family. Not a Lannister kind of family though, okay? Cause, no. Ew.

My new blog will not only be an extension of my storytelling, but I'll likely rant about daily grievances and Game of Thrones on here.  Typically the kind of stuff you get on my Twitter (if you follow my Twitter). Hopefully some people will tag along with me here as I post some nonsense, some new stories and share a little bit more about myself.

Thanks as always for reading (listening).

-Rita, AKA Girl in the Moon


  1. Hi Ms. Girl in the Moon,
    Caught some of your writing elsewhere and enjoyed it immensely. It's always nice to read a fresh, uninhibited story not bound by the conscious mind. Love your thoughts on my stuff. Just basic, nothing least online.