Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Story Preview

A taste of a romantic something I'm working on, unedited. 


“I know,” I whispered. A cold draft was coming in from the kitchen window and I shivered. “It’ll get easier.”

“I hope so. Are you doing okay? Really?”

“Really. I’m trying to write but nothing is coming. Other than that, everything is under control.”

David groaned. “Now I’m concerned. ‘Under control’ was never your forte.”

I rolled my eyes. “Night, Dave.” 

“Call me tomorrow, okay?”

“Okay.” I hung up and stared at my cell. My stubbed toe throbbed, reminded me of its injury, and I winced.

As I was straightening out the curtain of my kitchen window, I spotted my neighbor—Rob—tearing something up in the backyard. 

Inexplicably curious, I walked out into my backyard and peered over the short fence dividing our properties. He was ripping apart a very elaborately decorated garden, sweating beneath the bright moonlight. Or, he was trying to rip it apart. The dull shovel he used wasn’t working.

“That shovel sucks,” I remarked.

He jumped and spun around, narrowing his eyes at me. “Uh...”

“Mine is better. You can borrow it.” Realizing I’d butted into a private moment without even introducing myself, I blushed. I had a habit of being totally random, especially with strangers.

He rubbed the back of his head. “Sure. Uh, thanks. I would appreciate that.”

“One sec. I’ll bring it to you.”

I ran over to the shed and dragged out my shovel, knocking off the cobwebs. 

He was still there when I jogged back, wiping sweat off his forehead. It was dark but I could see how cute he was, even if I didn’t get a consistent blow by blow by my girlfriends. Maybe he was a bit too rugged for my taste, I thought, with his scruffy facial hair and messy hair. I always went for the all-American, classically good-looking guy-next-door type. I spotted a sprawling tattoo on his forearm but I couldn’t make out what it was, exactly. I met his eyes and the light on his garage hit them just right. The soulfulness in them struck me. Yeah, definitely not the guy next door, even though he lived next door.

Wow. His presence was most definitely scattering my thoughts and pushing them over to the cheesy side.

“I’m Audrey by the way,” I blurted.


“My name. It’s Audrey. And you’re Rob.”

He looked more confused than ever. “Right.”

“Well, enjoy the shovel.”

I practically fled from him into the safety of my house. What a fucking disaster.

Enjoy the shovel.

I slapped my forehead and shuddered at my lameness. How the fuck could you possibly enjoy a shovel? 


  1. OMG you could totally be writing me in this snippet lol. I'm awkward, random and say the stupidest things. I always get insanely excited when I see your stories, but I have to say I am totally mad at you for taking the old stuff down. Why, oh why did you do it?

    1. I shouldn't have. My very bad. Don't be mad at me for long! And this is a little like me, too :)

    2. What are you planning on doing with the stories you took down? Are you going to publish them?

    3. Nah, I'm going to try to rework a few and post them back up but mostly it's going to be new things. Hopefully you'll like :)