Friday, June 6, 2014

Freaky Friday

A peek at a story I'll be posting soon that will be familiar to some. It's an excerpt from Color Me Your Color (I'm cutting out Baby)--a story I'd given up on because I lost important chapters--that was preserved by Rainey. Thanks, girl! 

I'm tweaking it and will be posting it onto the site soon, as well as the story I mentioned last time and the next chapter of Plain Gold Ring. Phew. 

I'm very excited about this story. I love writing about Tate and Johanna. So here's a snippet of them having sex because it's Freaky Friday, yo.


"You're very pretty, you know. Even more beautiful when something is running down your throat.” A soft quality in his voice made me ache.

I should have been aghast. I should have been repulsed. I should have thrown my wine at him and proclaimed him disgusting, and then I should have marched out of the restaurant with my head held high and a portion of my dignity intact. 

Instead I was frighteningly turned on. He was crude, of course, but there was something astonishingly liberating about having a man state exactly what he found attractive about you. To be honest, even at the risk of infuriating you. So many guys told me I had beautiful eyes, or soft hair, or that I smelled good, or a million other cheesy lines that really translated to I want to fuck you.

Now this man across from me was telling me truthfully what he wanted from me. I held the power and it was such an aphrodisiac; what Morgan meant was finally becoming clear to me. And maybe I was a little drunk. And maybe I just wanted him.

"I'm even more beautiful when that something is creamier. Hotter."

Tate stared at me like I was a fascinating painting, obviously an erotic one, that he couldn't figure out. His eyes roamed over my curves, the shadowed slopes of my cleavage, the delicate bracelet on my wrist that I fingered suggestively.

"Finish your dinner." The intent in his voice sent a shiver down my spine, but the newfound me was having too much fun.

"Yes, Daddy." I smirked when he choked on his water. 

We practically raced to the hotel room he'd arranged without my knowledge. Once we found our room, he had my dress off in minutes and his own pants around his ankles in less than that. I was against the cool, rough wall when he slid his cock inside and groaned.

"Nice and tight." He moved in long, slow thrusts. I got thudded into the wall harder every time he got deeper.

I couldn't believe our first time together was like this: no foreplay, no bed, no complete perusal of the other's body. How odd and yet how awesome. It was enough to be wanted, devoured and to feel him stretching inside.

"Oh, God!" I cried.

"Mmm." His hands groped my ass, separating it from the wall so that I was arched to receive him better. He went crazy then, burying his face into my hair and his dick into my pussy, losing himself somewhere in the fun.

I was hardly aware of how he did it, but I jumped when his fingers messed around with my clit.

"Jesus." My moan was long and drawn-out. "That feels so good."

"Yeah? Feels good when I fuck you like this?" The fingers of his other hand tugged and massaged my breasts. They were especially fond of the nipples. 

"Oh, God, yeah," I agreed, clutching the skin of his back. 

His pace picked up. I was so into it that I forgot my surroundings and smacked my head back into the wall. We both had a good laugh at that and then he was sliding back into and out of me with a fervor that sent chills down my spine. His kiss was intense and almost a little too personal. I was happy when he took his lips away. It was too much sensation and I couldn't get used to that, his big and soft lips against my own.

His thrusts became choppy, losing their rhythm as he got closer to ecstasy. The sensation of his cock pulsing into the velvet of my pussy was entirely unlike the sex I'd had with my two past boyfriends. Sparks traveled down my body and sweat dripped between us, fusing us to one another. 

His movements changed from thrusting to powerful grinding, massaging himself into me hard and fast. Judging by the massive amount of cursing he was doing, and by the thickening of his cock, he wasn't far off from completion. The hand that toyed with my nipples dropped down to take my hand, tangling his fingers with mine. I gasped hotly against his neck. 

"Where should I come?" he grunted.

"Wherever you want."

He pulled out, stroking himself for a few seconds. His hand was beautiful against the slick smoothness of his cock. He pointed it towards me. Finally it shook once, twice, until long white ribbons of cum flew out, decorating my pussy and thighs. 

Tate's groans were delicious. I thought I heard him say something but I was too distracted by the sight of his head thrown back, the muscles in his arm and neck contracting, and his cock twitching with every surge of cum. He wasn't even soft when he knelt down and proceeded to eat me out.


I was so shocked I nearly smacked him away.

"Mmm," was his only response.

The vibrations were nearly enough to send me into orgasmic spasms. He took his time, however, tonguing my wetness until I begged him to stop.

"Can't. C-can't take it anymore."

I really lost my mind when he slipped three fingers into my pussy, sucking on my clit and flicking his tongue around like a thirsty dog. My fingers buried themselves in his lush hair.

"I'm going to come!"

He moved his mouth away from me, kissing my stomach. His lips were wet. "Give it all to me."

Then he plunged his fingers back into me, taking my clit into his mouth with an almost painful force.

I froze as my orgasm started. Then I shook, arching my back away from the wall and thrusting hungrily into his face. He laughed after I was finished coming for an eternity and pulled his soaked face away.

"Delicious. You needed that, you know."

"I... I did?" I panted.

He stood up and kissed me again. I could feel his sticky cock oozing leftover cum against my stomach and my pussy gave one last, happy twinge. 

He stepped away and brought me over to the bed.

"Yep. It's my specialty. I always know when a girl needs a good cum. I never know, however, what she wants for room service. You'll have to order from the menu for that."

Tate fell against the bed, breathing a laugh at my expression. Then I smiled, eventually letting my face relax into a full-blown grin as I fell beside him.

"There. You're glowing. Now I'm going to make a guess... You want a BLT."

I shook my head happily, my goofy grin still plastered on my face. "Nope."

"See what I mean? I never know what a woman wants outside of the bedroom."

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