Thursday, June 5, 2014

What Jorah Did

Okay, I haven't been able to get Jorah-- Game of Thrones-- out of my mind since the last episode, and it's not because I love him and I'm devastated that Daenerys threw his ass out. That's part of it, but there's a bigger part that bugs me.

What should she have done in that moment?

I'm wondering if it was the right decision, if it alludes to the kind of leader Dany will be. It was certainly emotional. Was it tactical? Will she be unable to put aside emotion in order to rule effectively? We saw her go overboard with the merchants.

I was harassing a few friends about it the other day. One said, "She couldn't forgive him. She could never trust him again." She has a child, so I wonder if that motivated her response. But I agree with her.

The audience knows more about Jorah than Dany knows. We know he loves her, that he fought to protect her, that  he wouldn't let a mosquito bite her. But she has the paper in her hands telling her that when she was most vulnerable, Jorah's knife was in her back, too.

It's interesting reading message boards about it. The men tear apart the female characters for shit--often blaming their emotional natures. I don't mean to make this a feminist thing, but men on the show have made a shitload of mistakes, too! It's a game. No one plays it perfectly.

I think she should have waited a hot second, punished him whatever way she deemed appropriate, then kept him on board because he is crucial to her success. Tywin knows this. Jorah fucking knows it. We know it, too.

But I'm not a leader and I'd never want to be in that position, and I can't imagine what it would feel like to find out the person I trusted the most had betrayed me so incredibly.

I need opinions. I don't know what the answer is! We have the benefit of knowing he's solid. Dany knows nothing, now.

What would be the right decision?

And if it was the wrong decision, was it a necessary mistake for her to make in order to show she's still learning how to rule?

I have a headache. Just needed to vent. I'm too fucking obsessed with this show.

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